Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? Everything You Need to Know

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The doubtful question Can dogs eat apples? is not the only one that comes to your mind when you think about dogs and their feed. In past you have also been skeptic about dogs eating fruits. If you remember, our article named as Can dogs eat watermelon? helped you open your viewpoint. Apart from the way we perceive our good, old and furry friend, it happily consumes many types of food. Grass is, however, not a sane choice. Still dogs like to consume grass. Why? Let’s have a look at all the questions that come to your mind about dogs eating grass.

Why do dogs eat grass?

There are more than one possible reason for a dog to eat grass. They are reported to eat grass to vomit and get rid of nausea and bad feeling. Some people suggest that actual reason is improvement in digestion, treatment of intestinal worms or fulfilling the need for nutrition and fiber.

However, there does not exist a consensus on any of the above mentioned opinions. These all are mere speculations. Dogs eating grass is although not a new phenomenon, but dog owners and researchers are unable to still provide any good enough reason for this habit. Obviously you cute furry friend is not a goat: then why grazing grass? Perhaps, digestion is one of the most importation reasons.

At least this is what cat lovers believe. Yes, just like dog, cats are also prone to grass eating and it is mostly to get rid of whatever makes their stomach feel sick.

A considerably weaker argument suggests that dog eating grass is actually a result of the lack of required fiber and nutrition. Dogs know where to get something that they need and that is not being fed to them. So, when dogs feel the lack of fiber, they go eating grass and the poor owner who cannot have a look at the whole picture comes asking “Why does my dog eat grass?”

Well, dogs eat grass to vomit and get rid of bad feeling, for digestion purposes simply or to get the natural nutrition that grass provides. Dogs have been hunting and eating herbivores for ages and now they are domesticated. When they used to eat their herbivore prey, they used to eat the whole stomach full of plants and grass too. So, the taste and need for grass is perhaps in dogs’ DNA. Now that they are not given grass as a dog feed, they graze a little and thus fulfill their needs.

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Is eating grass dangerous for dogs?

Experts believe that dog eating grass is not a bad sign. However, dogs do this for two reasons: either when they are ill and want to vomit, or when they lack natural fiber and nutrition. In both cases, owners need to watch them close and take care of the concern.

Taking care of the concern means that if your dog is running short of nutrition that it does not get from meat, try to feed it fruit or other such items which are non-meat. For example, in our article “Can dogs eat bananas?” we have covered it in detail as to how dogs can enjoy the different type of nutrients that they get from bananas and stay healthy. So, apples, watermelon and bananas and other non-meat diets can simply fulfill the need of fiber and nutrients that you dog feels; this way, your dog will stay energetic and still stay far from eating grass.

On another note, while eating balanced quantity of grass does not cause harm to dogs, they are mostly found vomiting the same grass on your carpet or floor. So, perhaps we need to think that eating grass is actually to fulfill a need that grass cannot actually fulfill, but dogs think it will. This means we must make sure to include more and more fruits and veggies in our dog’s diet, before ever it starts eating grass.

However, puppies and grass eating do not go very well. Puppies have always the risk of blockage and choking in case they consume a lot of grass without properly chewing it. You might not know but dogs mostly do not chew on grass and they simply try to swallow it. While big dogs can easily do this, puppies are at a life risk if they do so.

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How to prevent my dog from eating grass?

In order to stop your dog from eating grass, you should first find out the reason why he eats grass. If the reason is lack of nutrition, you should make sure to provide him fiber and nutrition which is found in fruits and veggies, instead of meat. Same goes for other reasons.

For example, some dogs eat grass because perhaps it feels tasty. If you have read our article How to train a dog? you might notice that for every dog problem that you have, there is a training solution. So if you find out that you dog does not find its feed tasty, make sure to add elements that he loves the most.

Another reason is lack of good exercise. Why do dogs wag their tails? because at times they are playful and they are not getting the kind of exercise that they need the most. You dog might graze because he is bored; try your level best to engage him in such exercises which will keep him busy and exhausted.

And last but not the least, dogs often eat grass to get rid of gassy or nauseated stomach. They eat the grass, let the blade of grass tickle their stomach and then they vomit. This is indeed a sign of gastrointestinal trouble or stomach issue. So make sure to take your furry friend to a vet and get this issue resolved.

How to train my dog to stop eating grass?

If your dog loves eating grass, perhaps it is because of the taste of it. Whenever your dog tries to eat grass, try to distract it by engaging it in a “throw and fetch” game or treat it with something that he loves. Bring the ball or treat slowly to the sideway in order to bring your dog far from the grass.

This and some other interesting tactics can eventually train your dog to refrain from eating grass, but remember that no such trick will work until or unless you find out the real reason why your dog eats grass. A dog has to eat grass until or unless he gets rid of nausea or get the much needed nutrition from some other source.