Tea tree oil is used for dogs – Benefits, and Usage by Virtuousdogs

Tea tree oil is widely known for its many applications in humans. However, those who seek normal ways to treat health conditions in their dog should know that this treatment is appropriate against many disorders.

It is essential oil obtained by distilling the leaves from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree, which originated in Australia and is widely used by indigenous people in this region. Fortunately today, its distribution is very broad and easily accessible.

Tea tree oil is used for dogs

Tea tree oil against external parasites:

There are many home remedies for fleas in dogs and one of the most famous is getting tea tree oil. this thing should not surprise us because this completely natural substance is also very effective in treating external parasites. We are not only talking about fleas bath in a dog, but also about ticks and fungi.

Tea tree oil for dogs is antiseptic and fungicidal, although you should realize that it works very quickly against fleas, when it comes to fungus, it should be applied more periodically until the infection is completely eliminated. This will happen if we use conventional drugs.

Tea tree oil for dog skin:

Tea tree oil is used for dogs

Other important properties of Tea tree oil are their functions for germs, healing and anti-inflammatory. Therefore, this will be indicated in many skin conditions.

However, should not be used if there are open cut. It is a good treatment to support the healing process once the wound starts healing, but not when the skin is not completely renewed. Thanks to its antibacterial action in preventing topical infection and its anti-inflammatory action, it reduces pain, swelling, and itching.

Use tea tree oil in your dog’s bath

Tea tree oil is a very sweat remover, so it is an excellent idea to include it in your dog’s bath.

By adding a few drops of this oil, we can monitor better and more lasting results, especially with regard to the mild smell.

However, you must keep in mind that this natural remedy will not eliminate all the stinking odors on your dog. Will make them more accurate.

Can I use the tea tree shampoo on my dog?

You should always use dog shampoos for dogs. You can mix Tea tree oil with the usual shampoo in order to incorporate the benefits into the bathing routine. Tea Tree shampoos for humans are not suitable, however.How to apply tea tree oil to dogs

We must prove that although this is a natural and useful product, it should not be given orally. In fact, this type of management is not recommended in humans because of its narrow therapeutic scope (risk tends to outweigh benefits).