Music for dogs – Effects of music on dogs

It is known that being in a shelter can cause stress and anxiety for dogs. They may shake, rush, bark, moan, refuse to eat, and have trouble sleeping. This nervousness can affect the ability of the dog to adopt because people may view it as anxiety, misconduct or excessive. Recently, after the narrative reports of shelter workers, some researchers decided to study the impact of music on the behavior of shelter dogs

Effects of music on shelter dogs:

Music for  Dogs

The researchers looked at the behavior of 117 resting dogs when playing heavy, classical or no music. They specifically studied how the dogs grew and monitored the frequency of their language and trembled from the body.
Dogs that were exposed to classical music during kennel grew louder and louder than those listening to heavy metals or not music (Lori R. Kogan, 2012). This is one fact dogs of shaken listening to more heavy metals. Researchers feel that playing classical music for dogs that should be watched can keep them calmer, which is good for dogs mentally and physically and may improve the chances of being adopted dogs in a shelter environment.

When music may help:

Classical music may help relieve dog stress in other situations, although it is not specifically studied. These include:

  • Dogs that stay in the boarding house while having an owner.
  • The Dogs must be hospitalized at a veterinary clinic.
  • Dogs that suffer separation anxiety while the owner is away from home.

An additional benefit to using classical music to soothe dogs in situations that may be stressful for them is that they may also ease the stress of humans in the area.

Take a look at this wonderful CD of classical music for dogs. If your local refuge does not play classical music in the kennel area, consider sharing this information with them. It may greatly improve the life and chances of adopting some sweet dog hug disorder.

music for dogs