Top 101 Unique & Cutest Male Dog Names

Shakespeare had all the just reasons to say that there is nothing in a name and a rose will smell sweet even if called by any other names, but names have their own charisma. Had names did not have any charm, all of us would have gone by numbers. But this is not the case. A name personifies the personality of a person and the mindset of parents or caretakers who named such a person. This is why Americans tinker, ponder, ask other people and hesitate a lot before ever they name their pet dogs.


This article aims at helping you find out the most unique, cute and popular dog names for male dogs. We would cover the meanings, overall impressions and traits associated with the most popular male dog names found throughout the USA. However, before you get into it, you should know that a dog does not have to have a noun name, for example Boo the dog does not have a noun name. You may also read our blog-post about dog facts to see that name is not all when it comes to finding uniqueness in dogs.


Can dogs have human names?

Most of the dog owners love to see their dogs not as animals but close to human beings. They leave real estate and business empires for their dogs, they hire dogs in police, army and rescue organizations and they like to think of them as friends, this is why they love human names for their dogs.

dog-n-puppy 2

Americans have an overall trend of naming their dogs after human beings. Among the most popular male dog names, which are same as male names among humans, we would like to make mention of only the most famous ones. You can read these names, pick the name that you fancy and see if that is also the name of your favorite human celebrity. This will make it easy for you to name your male pup or dog.

  1. Jack (Nicholson)
  2. Jake (T Asutin)
  3. Toby (Kebbell)
  4. Tommy (Lee Jones)
  5. Alex (Watson)
  6. Frank (Dillane)
  7. Abby (mostly used for females but there are males examples as well)
  8. Chuck (Bass)
  9. Bobby (Cannavale)
  10. Vinny (used for males as well as females)
  11. Harry (Potter)
  12. Joey (Diaz)
  13. Willie (Nelson)
  14. Martin (Luther King Jr.)
  15. Jeremy (Renner)
  16. Roger (Federer)
  17. Todd (Lowe)
  18. Ralph (Fiennes)
  19. Walter (White)
  20. Chad (Smith)
  21. Timmy
  22. Carlos
  23. Harold (Ramis)
  24. Albert (Einstein)
  25. Cooper
  26. Dexter
  27. Leo
  28. Lou
  29. Kobe
  30. Henry
  31. George (Bush)
  32. Bob
  33. Frankie (Muniz)
  34. Carl
  35. Alvin
  36. Mike
  37. Bruce (Greenwood)
  38. Adam (Goldberg)
  39. Steve (Carell)
  40. Kevin (Spacey)
  41. Norm
  42. Orville (Wright)
  43. John (Goodman)
  44. Peyton (used for females as well as males)
  45. Raymon
  46. Ricky
  47. Reggie (Brown)
  48. Ben (Affleck)
  49. Sam (Elliott)
  50. Archie
  51. Barney (Stinson)
  52. Jimmy
  53. Andy
  54. Oliver

What are the most famous male dog names?

People love common dog names or dog names based on humans, but there are those other type of male dog names as well which are based on famous things, planets, characters or other nouns.

pup 3

In this list, we are going to mention some popular male dog names which are based on traits, famous nouns or even Hollywood movie characters. Let us have a look at these fun and famous names.

  1. Apollo (if you fancy the Greek mythology or American space program, this name suits your male dog)
  2. Big Foot (still a myth but there are people who think a lot about big foot. If your male dog is a big dog, big foot can be a good name)
  3. Dakota (place, plane, people, language: a lot of reasons)
  4. Dogzilla (if you liked the massive Godzilla and you have a big dog, this name is most fitting)
  5. King Kong (same reason as above, this also shows that your dog is king of dogs)
  6. Rambo (if you like this muscular and ready-to-act movie character and your dog has same attributes, this name is unparalleled among male dog names)
  7. T-Bone or Bone-Rex (your dog might not be T-Rex but just as ferocious, hence this name)
  8. Zeus (again, the Greek mythology)
  9. King (if you have a Great Dane, this name would say it all)
  10. Bullet (self-explanatory)
  11. Duke (same as king)
  12. Tango (a catchy name)
  13. Genghis (same as king)
  14. Frankenstein (if you think your canine is a monster)
  15. Norman (if your dog is a psycho)
  16. Gollum (if you loved The Lord of the Rings)
  17. Tarzan (self-explanatory)
  18. Aragorn (if you loved The Lord of the Rings)
  19. Alpha (if you think your dog is number one)
  20. Apache (if you fancy Native Indian names)
  21. Bandit (for a dog who acts like a bandit)
  22. Blaze (if your dog has a fire inside)
  23. Demon (if you deal with a very naughty dog)
  24. Frosty (for a dog with white fur)
  25. Grizzly (for a Mastiff or any big dog)
  26. Hurricane (for a dog who does know calm)
  27. Ivan (if your dog is terribly awesome)
  28. Lonester (if your dog loves to live alone)
  29. Neo (one and only)
  30. Nomad (for a dog who loves outside)
  31. Admiral (self-explanatory)
  32. Ace (top one)
  33. Armstrong (for a Pit Bull or any dog with muscles)
  34. Tiger (same as above)
  35. Lion (same as above)
  36. Bozo (a stupid and funny dog)
  37. Bruno (for a dog with red hair)
  38. Caesar (if you love Roman history)
  39. Brutus (same as above)
  40. Chip (for a smart dog)
  41. Darwin (a fun name)
  42. Fearless (self-explanatory)
  43. Freud (for a crazy dog)
  44. Hogan (for a powerful dog)
  45. Jupiter (if you love planets)
  46. Marc (same as above)
  47. Boxer (breed as well sports)

dog 5

So this is it for the names. We hope that you would be able to finally find a dog name suitable for your dog. However, you should not forget that naming is only the beginning; you would also have to know how to train a dog to make your dog a civilized canine and protect people from dog bites. You can always read our very informative post about dog collars that sheds light on the best collars and leashes to keep the dogs under control.