How to stop the dog from digging: Pro Tips and Tricks

Since anyone who has a dog digging holes in his or her yard can be a frustrating problem that is difficult to solve. Some dogs seem to like to dig, and many of us have been upset by the loss of expensive and time-consuming landscapes. How to stop the dog from digging?

How to stop the dog from digging:

How to stop the dog from digging? Why do dogs dig?

There are many reasons why dogs dig holes. Identifying the cause will help you form a plan to deter the drilling habit.

Drill dogs to entertain themselves:

Digging is a natural behavior for dogs – it’s fun. Some dogs, like dogs, are more likely to drill than others because they were raised for them.

If your dog digs just for fun, you may see a little digging, jumping around and doing some acrobatics, then digging a little elsewhere. The resulting holes do not contain a pattern.

Dogs dig to create a comfortable and cool place to lie down during hot weather.

These types of holes are often drilled under trees or near the water, and the dog can be seen lying in them.

During cold weather, dogs dig to form a more protected place of wind and elements.

These most common holes are drilled near buildings or under trees, and your dog can be seen shrinking during cold, rainy or windy weather.

Dogs may dig in an attempt to find water if they do not have a good source available to them.

Dogs dig because they are aware of a terrestrial creature, such as mole or insects, in the area.

These holes are often drilled in a straight line across the yard, after the mole trails are hidden. They may also be near the roots of the trees, where insects want to assemble.

Separation anxiety can lead to drill behavior.

Drilling may dig emotional energy for a dog who is upset or nervous about something or something that is concerned about separation.

You’ll probably see other signs of separation anxiety if that is why you dig your dog. Your dog may become angry when you get ready to leave the house or make a mess when you leave him inside while on your trip.

Some dogs dig in order to try and escape.

Dogs try to run away from the yard to find resources, if left without food, water and adequate shelter.

Sometimes, dogs try to escape from the yard because they are bored. They are looking for a changing scene and something fun to do.

If you have a male dog that is not neutralized, you may try to escape because it knows there is a female in the area.

These holes are generally along fence lines or on gates.

Some dogs wish to bury the treasures and then dig them again.

A dog that digs for burial usually shows the same behavior at home, hiding artifacts and toys under blankets or in sofa cushions, then pulling them and burying them back in another place.

How to keep dogs from digging:

How to stop the dog from digging? Dogs may dig holes for rest or shelter.
Once you have an idea of ​​why your dog has dug holes in your yard, you can formulate a plan to encourage him to stop.

Do not punish your dog for drilling holes. Digged has a specific cause and can be flexed by positive reinforcement of the behavior you want to see. Also, no attention, even negative, may promote behavior if the dog digs out of boredom or non-interaction.

If the dog digs to create shelter from cold, heat, rain, or try to find water:
Keep your dog indoors during bad weather conditions.

If you should never keep your dog outdoors when the conditions are extreme, you need to provide the proper accommodation.

This includes shelter protected from wind, sun and rain.

Dogs need a lot of clean fresh water during hot weather.

During cold weather, it is important to ensure that dogs outside contain fresh, non-frozen water.

It is important that the dog contains a water tank that can not be removed, as this may leave him without water if he is alone outside the house.

How to stop the dog from digging

If your dog is digging to escape:

Make sure your dog has all the resources he needs when you leave him alone in the yard (best puppy food brand, water, shelter).

The presence of your dog helps to deter unwanted land or mating efforts.

Having your dog sterilize your dog will prevent a male dog from entering your yard and causing unwanted pregnancy.

In order to prevent attempts to escape the boredom while the dog in the arena without supervision, provided him with a lot of entertaining games.

Bury large rocks or chicken wires a few inches under the fence to deter your dog from digging there.

If your dog digs because of separation anxiety:

Separation anxiety can be difficult to treat. You can find more information on this topic here.

A great product that can help in separation anxiety is the Adaptil ™ collar for dogs.

It contains pheromones that soothe the dogs and can help your dog feel better about leaving them alone.

Provide your dog with a lot of exercise when you are with him.

Leave a variety of games for your dog to distract him during your trip, and change them frequently. Puzzle games and food-rich games like Kongs can be useful.

If the dog digs for amusement, to catch the prey, or to bury the treasures and bury them:

Digging is a natural behavior for dogs in these cases and therefore, it may be difficult to deter them. The best course of action here is to provide your dog with an area of ​​the yard where drilling is allowed. This may be part of the corner that does not mind digging, children’s pool or sandbox filled with soft dirt.

Encourage your dog to use your favorite place to dig by burying lots of fun games and sweets to discover. You will need to change these frequently.

Try simultaneously making unwanted drill areas less rewarding for your dog to explore by burying the chicken wire or rocks for a small distance under the dirt in these areas or simply placing them on the ground.

When you see your dog digging in an unwanted area, say “Do not dig”, and lead it to your favorite place. When he digs there, reward him with a treat and large amounts of praise.

Provide plenty of exercises and interactive play when you are with your dog. A 10-minute dose once or twice a day is an excellent way to enjoy the dog while helping to release energy that may be used for negative behaviors such as drilling.