Easy Crate Training: Everything You Should to Know it

The punishment is not to put your puppy in the box. In easy crate training, dogs often prefer to be in small places and enclosed in sleep.

Easy crate training


If properly educated, when it comes out of the house, you put your time in a box that regulates some of the borders and keeps him on the carpet: dogs do not usually like They sit in one place.

Choose a Crate:

It’s easy, you want it small, but not small enough to put it in a position. He must have sufficient room to stand and turn. Each one is bigger and may use one head to eliminate itself and another end to sleep. Make sure you use a blanket to make the frame feel comfortable.

Internship training:

Enter your puppy in a low-pressure condition, not when you want to quit. Tap on a cure or heal and praise the puppy, when he enters the box. Keep the door open so that it can move and uncover.

Pick up your dog collar before placing it in the box. You do not want to get him stuck in anything, especially if you have a metal box.

Easy crate training

Put the treatment in the box and use a simple word like “female nude” to command him.

For some positive communication, try feeding the dog emotions of your puppy ​​in the box.

Gently increase your puppy’s time in the box with the lid door. Just close it a few moments and then raise your path. Make sure you praise him while the door is closed.

If he starts to moan, do not open the door. It only teaches him when he tries to leave the box.

Wash basin To determine the length of time your puppy can stay in the box, one hour per month plus one hour. So, if your puppy is 5 months old, it can stay within 6 hours.

Important: No matter your age, leave him in your box for more than 8 hours. It is not fair to leave him for a long time without being able to practice or relieve himself.

It appear, pay attention, remember, the lengthy he limits the exercise that he needs. So never use it as a way to stop spending time with your puppy.