Dogs For Adoption: Facts You Should Know Before Adoption

Dogs For Adoption

As per some statistics, most of the Americans get their dogs free of cost: they either adopt them from some friend or family, or they adopt the dogs from dog shelters. However, adopting dogs is just as tricky and important as adopting kids and this post aims at helping our readers figure out the yin and yang of pet adoption. Yes, you have to know what to do, what not to do and what must do, before ever you look into those cute and dark black eyes and decide to pick your pet.

In this blog post, we will try to cover and answer all possible puppy adoption questions that might come to your mind. A dog or a pup always prove to be a loving companion, unless human beings make a wrong choice while selecting their pets. For example, if you live in a small urban apartment or flat and you bring a Great Dane from the dog shelter, you would soon realize the big mistake that you have made; you cannot keep a big dog in a small house. But then whose mistake is this? Dog’s mistake? Not, it’s yours! So, to avoid such a situation, better be aware of what to do and what not to do.

What kind of behavior I should expect from new pup?

A newly adopted pup does not know that you are his new owner. You may expect him to be afraid, shy, anxious, at time aggressive and to have unfriendly behavior towards other pets.

First thing on your pup’s list is being scared; take it easy and do not freak out. A pup is just like a human kid; can you expect a kid to be frank and friendly with a total stranger? Answer is always no! It is the same thing with pups; they do freak out because of fear. Understand that dogs for adoption have already been through a lot of trouble before ever they end up at your home. You need to relax and make your pup feel at home.

The second strange thing is new and strange habits. While your pup is new to you, it is not new in this world and obviously he has got his own unique, strange and at times annoying habits taken from his parents DNA or his shelter fellows. You should understand this and expect your new pup to exhibit weird actions.

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A very important thing that you must know before ever you adopt a puppy, is that you are going to bring home an untrained kid. Just like an adopted human kid, your adopted pup does not know much about how to behave. You have to train him and we suggest you to read our blog post How to train a dog: basic dog training to get an idea as to what to do through and how to train a dog or a puppy.

When it comes to interesting behaviors that you might expect from your pup, one of the most interesting behaviors is your pup getting mad at your cat or perhaps being afraid of her. God forbids if your cat is bigger than your new pup, you would have a crazy and funny situation at hand. Your beast in making will be afraid of the cat and you would see your cat chasing your pup all the day. In case your pup is bigger than your cat or any other pet at home, it would be a totally different situation. It is the exact time when you must start wondering Why do dogs wag their tails? , because perhaps your pup has swallowed your pet rodent and want to tell you about it.

Can my adopted pup surprise me?

Your new dog or pup can always surprise you in good or bad ways. It may turn out to be from a different than expected breed or it may have health problems that you are not aware of.

There is one problem with adopting a dog from dog shelters: they are not entirely safe. First of all, if dog breed is something of very high importance to you, you must read our Dog breed selector post before ever you go for it. What if your dog is single coated and not double coated? What if it is not a Labrador Retriever and a Golden Retriever? All those surprises can be avoided by doing some research before ever you pick your pup.

However, the worst surprise is health problems. It is not only worst because of health issues, but also because you never get to know about them but only when health problems become so prominent. In such a situation, you would always feel helpless and you would be a little disappointed. This is why we suggest you reading our post Probiotics for dogs, because it covers a few benefits of a home-ready health remedy.

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How do I know whether or not my dog will be happy at my home?

In order to make sure that your dog will love your home, you need to choose the right kind of dog for right kind of residence and family. Pick a dog that can adjust with your family and your residence.

Remember, dogs for adoption do not have a tag in their neck telling you whether they love to socialize or not; you have to do this research on your own. As per a research, majority of American dog owners choose small or medium-sized dogs. Why? Because they can live happily and easily in small homes. Majority of Americans live in big metros with small flats, homes or apartments. This is why French Terriers or Chihuahuas are so highly sought after.

Another factor is to see if your family is ready for a dog adoption. Many families would love to have a dog or a pup at home, but it is hard to say about all families. Even though America is a country with people who love dogs more than they love cats, there still are cat people and they do not like dogs. So before you bring a pup home, first determine whether the pup would love home or not and then also determine whether family would adore the pup or not.

We hope that if you follow these simple facts and make your decision based on them, you would not have a “Dog attack” situation at home.