Dog Harness: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

Animal cruelty! All of us shout out loud against animal cruelty,harness while only a few of us know that in our everyday practices, we do commit animal cruelty and that too to our most trusted and close friend: dog. People are afraid of dog bites and they want to make sure that dogs refrain from attacking (dog harness) their owners and other people around them.

However, little does anyone care about learning the reasons of dog attack and all attention that we give is to prevent the dogs from attacking humans. And to accomplish this, all that we can think of, are dog collars dog chains and other accessories to minimize the dog’s capacity to attack or bite other dogs, animals or humans in their area.

However, providing extensive dog training makes it perfectly possible for a human being to train their dog to remain within its just limits and to not cross the boundaries. Yet, if you belong to the kind of dog owners who do not know how to train their dogs and who want to keep a tight leash on them, harness for dog is a perfect device for you. Let us have a look at the questions that might come to your mind about dog harness and its usage.

Dog harness

What is a dog harness?

Dog harness is the thing that dog owners use if their dog has neck or bone problems or if it gets too harmful to stop them with help of a neck collar attached to a leash. It fastens around the body of the dog and saves him from choking.

The usual collar and the leash attached to it are good for keeping your dog from biting people, but it involves the risk of choking and harming your dog. A dog harness is like a mountain climber’s harness; it goes around the body, develops a very strong grips and save the body from getting strangled or choked. This way you use the same leash that you use with a collar, but the impact is entirely different. Dog does not feel like smothered and he still remains within his boundaries.

How many types of dog harnesses are there?

There are many different type of dog harnesses. Some use step-in structure, while others have adjustable straps to fit around the torso of the dog. One should buy the dog harness keeping in mind their unique dog and his requirements.

What most of the people are aware of, is the standard harness. It comes with adjustable straps which encircle the torso of the dog and the front legs. You can use this kind of harness by connecting the leash with the top of the harness.

Another famous dog harness is the step in harness. If it is not the best, it is definitely nothing short of the best dog harness. To wear this harness, dog enters into the straps on top and bottom and then the leash is connected to the top of harness.

Vest harness is another type of dog harnesses. It encompasses majority of the dog’s torso in its fabric and holds tightly the dog’s body in its straps. Many dog owners attach different embellishments and accessories to this the vest to make it look beautiful.

Built-in leash harness for dog is a special kind of dog harness. You do not have to buy the leash with this harness; it comes with a built-in leash. This harness on dog is available in many variations including step-in harness or vest harness.

Then there is another type of dog harness which is called easy-on harness. This kind of harness has quick release buckles so you can have it on and off your dog easily. It is light weight and it might not be very successful in case of a big dog.

types of dog harness

How to harness a dog?

Pick a harness as per the size of your dog and your convenience. Nowapply some hair oil or other such moisteningcream to your dog’s fur in order for the harness to fit easily. Make sure that you adjust the straps accurately.

It is very important for you to adjust the straps or vest as per the requirement and make sure that they are not lose. These straps or vest, in case if they are lose, may lose their grip on your dog and your dog will run scot-free before ever you will notice that. So, if you want your dog to remain within the dog harness, make sure that the straps are not lose.

Likewise, too big or too small a harness can also be a problem for your dog. In case of too tight a harness, the poor canine will feel smothered in that harness. Just to remind you, dog is a predator by genes and if this animal feels angry, frustrated or irritated, let alone pain, it is likely to attack and bit humans including his owner. Even the world’s cutest dog, Boo the dog (interlink) knows how to bark and bite.

What to look for in a dog harness?

Fabric, corners and edges, type of straps, measurements, type of harness and strength are the few things that one must check before buying a dog harness. If any of these few considerations is not take care of, the dog might feel uneasy in the harness.

Let us make it clear for you. Do you feel easy in cloths that are too tight or cloths that are too loose? You do not. You want something that fits your height and girth. So do the dogs. For example, if you buy a dog harness, but it has pointy corners and edges that keep hurting him, he will highly likely go berserk. Likewise, if harness is too loose, you dog will be happy, but you will soon be unhappy to notice that your dog has evaded his harness and at risk of hurting someone or getting hurt.

So, in short, buy your dog harness wisely, and write back to us after you are done buying it. Happy shopping!

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