Dog Facts: 151 Interesting Facts about Dogs


Y’all think that you know all about dogs, don’t you? All of us are dog lovers; we die to have a cute Lab puppy, but only a few of us are aware of many things related to our dearest puppy. We live a busy urban life and no one has the time to find out some mind-blowing puppy facts. Well, they say that those who know and those who do not know are never equal. This is time to know about your beloved canine as much as you can, with little to zero effort. Here we present some valuable information about dogs that will have you fall even more in love with your favorite canine.

  1. Dog breeds are more than 150 and dog experts divide them into 8 categories named as: hound, toy, working, sporting, terrier, herding, non-sporting and miscellaneous.[1]
  2. Do you know that you can always lower your blood pressure by one simple, free, easy and lovely hack? Just pet your pup and see the magic.[2]
  3. Human beings have 32 teeth! Do you know how many teeth dogs have? An adult dog would have 42 teeth.[3]
  4. Azawakh – have you ever heard the name of this rare African hound? It has a cat-like slim and smart walk, and it is used to hunt gazelles or other such animals.[4]
  5. Labrador Retriever has been on American Kennel Club’s most popular breed list for 25 years – those too consecutive.[5]
  6. Dog in prehistoric period – How many of you can track back your favorite pet to the prehistoric period? Well dogs can be tracked back to 40 million years ago in the form of an animal that looked so much like a weasel. It was called Miacis, which later turned into Tomarctus and Tomarctus is the forefather of three main canines: dogs, wolves and jackals.[6]
  7. Are dogs color blind? Well, the layman dog information suggests that dogs are color blind. Actually, they can see colors, it is just that they don’t see colors as good as we do. It is comparable to human vision in fog or twilight.[7]
  8. Duck or dog? Do you know that there exists a breed known as Newfoundland, which has water-resistant body and webbed feet? This breed was produced to help fishermen and drowning people.[8]
  9. Most popular dog names – As per a research survey, the most popular dog name is Max, and it is followed by names like Same, Molly, Maggie and Zach etc.[9]
  10. Chihuahua is one of the most beloved dwarf dogs. But no puppy facts expert would have told you Welsh word for very small dogs; it is “Corgi”.[10]
  11. Sense of smell – yes well know dogs have amazing sense of smell, but how stronger than our sense of smell? Our dog facts search revealed that dog’s sense of smell is at least 1 million times stronger when compared to humans.[11]
  12. Oldest canine in North America is Carolina dog which is also called “American Dingo”. Native Americans rock painted them and New Americans loved them.[12]
  13. Nose print of a dog is just as unique as stripes of a zebra or a human’s fingerprints.[13]
  14. Dangerous food – Dogs love their treats, but facts about dogs suggest that grapes and raisins can become the reason for renal failure, and chocolate, caffeine and cooked onions can also cause serious health issues to them.[14]
  15. Low light vision – If you thought that only cats could see good in low light, you were wrong. Dogs, as compared to human beings, have much better vision, because of a layer, behind their retina that reflects light.[15]
  16. Dogs escaped the sinking Titanic – yes, two Pomeranians and one Pekingese were among the lucky survivors.[16]
  17. Size doesn’t matterdog facts reveal that a dog can be as small as 6 inches (Chihuahua) or as big as 36 inches (Great Dane).[17]
  18. Why dogs curl up? Because their prehistoric instinct dictates them that curling up can help them avoid cold and protect their vital organs.[18]
  19. Facts about dogs suggest that at least every 1 of 3 American families owns their own dog.[19]
  20. Catahoula Leopard was the Native Americans’ most favorite dog for hunting. Even Teddy Roosevelt loved this dog because of its amazing hunting skills. Breed was produced in Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, USA.[20]
  21. Dog facts about sleep suggest that roughly 45% of pet dogs in the USA prefer to sleep in owner’s bed.[21]
  22. Apple and pear alarm – it is proved by facts about dogs that apple and pear seeds can be lethal for dogs because of the arsenic they contain.[22]
  23. German Shepherd and Appalachian Trail – Would you believe if we told that a German Shepherd guide dog safely escorted her blind owner through the entire 2100 miles length of the trail?[23]
  24. Beatles loved dogs – It is said that Paul McCarthy ended the Beagles song “A day in the life” with an ultrasonic whistle audible only to canines; it was for the love of his pet Shetland Sheepdog.[24]
  25. When to adopt a pup? Well, puppy facts suggest that a pup should stay with mom unless they are 8 weeks old, and then they can be adopted.[25]
  26. Smell is personal issue! Yes, if something smells so nasty to you, to your dog it can be simply divine.[26]
  27. How prevent cancer? Well dog facts suggest that spaying and/or neutering helps saving dogs from various types of cancer.[27]
  28. Lundehund – No, it’s not gibberish, but name of a Norwegian hunting dog. What makes it more unique is 6 toes for each foot, erected ears that it can control and amazing function to tip the head backwards to touch the backbone.[28]
  29. Dream timefacts about dogs prove that all dogs dream. However, puppies dream more frequently than the elder dogs.[29]
  30. Sweating – Dogs sweat with help of sweat glands located between their paws.[30]



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  1. Reproduction – If never neutered, a pair of dogs and their puppies can add more than 66,000 dogs, to the dog population, in a matter of 6 years.[31]
  2. Puppy teeth – as per the puppy facts, are 28 until they grow into adult dogs.[32]
  3. Shelters and breed – As per some facts about dogs, roughly 1/3rd of the dogs that are taken to animal shelters are purebred dogs.[33]
  4. What’s with the wet nose? It helps the dogs absorb scent chemicals.[34]
  5. Sense of hearingdog facts prove that dogs can hear ten times much better than a human being.[35]
  6. Mudiinformation about dogs reveals that this Hungarian herding dog is one of the few dog breeds with thickest and curly coat. Its skill and energy level makes it one of the best.[36]
  7. Obsession with dog names – As per some reliable dog facts, as much as 70% of people affix their dog’s name on holiday cards.[37]
  8. Tail wagging and dog’s mood – In 2003, Dr. Roger Mugford became the first person to invent a device: Wagometer that interprets a dog’s mood as per the wag of its tail.[38]
  9. Chihuahua and human babies are very similar in one way; Chihuahua babies also have a soft point in the skull which goes with age.[39]
  10. Tail chasing is for many different reasons. Dogs chase their own tails for reasons such as exercise, curiosity, predatory instinct, anxiety and fleas.[40]
  11. Saliva is not sweat – dogs sweat from glands in their paws; the common belief that their salivating is actually sweating, is totally wrong.[41]
  12. How cure separation anxiety? Well, if your dog gets stressed or anxious whenever you are away, simply give it a piece of clothing with your body scent in it. It will console your dog.[42]
  13. Speed of a running dog can go as high as 19 miles per hour.[43]
  14. Neapolitan Mastiff – had been honored to fight alongside the Roman knights, wore body armor and bore blades to cause damage to enemy horses. The dog almost went extinct after WWII, but an Italian painter protected the breed.[44]
  15. Why so sniffy? A dog can sense the smell marvelously well and it is because of roughly 300 million receptors in its nose as compared to 5 million receptors in human nose.[45]
  16. Ancient Egyptians loved dogs – so much so that they stained their hair with mud, removed the eyebrows and cried out loud for days in the event of the death of their pet dogs. “Iwiw” is ancient Egyptian word for dog, based on the dog’s bark.[46]
  17. Teedy Roosevelt’s dog named as Pete went mad at a French ambassador and ripped his pants off during a meeting in White House.[47]
  18. Dalmatians with spots – haven’t heard yet? Well, as per dog facts Dalmatian puppies do not have the spots, but a pure white coat when they are born.[48]
  19. Dogs and taste budsDog information reveals that dogs have only 1700 taste buds as compared to 9,000 human taste buds, but scent receptors come to their rescue and they manage to differentiate among different types of food.[49]
  20. Basenji – is the only dog that cannot bark, but only yodel.[50]
  21. Bible makes mention of the dogs 14 times in total.[51]
  22. Xoloitzcuintli is a Mexican breed of hairless dogs. They are old, so much so, that they were worshipped by the Aztecs.[52]
  23. Academy Award – A German Shepherd named Rin Tin Tin has been a nominee for an Academy Award.[53]
  24. Three eyelids – Dogs have three eyelids; the third one protects and keeps the eye lubricated.[54]
  25. Lindon B. Johnson had two Beagles and he named them Him and Her.[55]
  26. REM or Dreamy part of sleep time – is the part that dogs also enjoy just like human beings do: twitchy eye movement, movement of limbs and dreams.[56]
  27. Female dog actors played important role in The Wizard of Oz. Toto was actually a female Carin Terrier and Taco Bell was actually a female Chihuahua: Gidget.[57]
  28. When dogs poop they preferably choose a place aligned with the magnetic field of Earth.[58]
  29. Average body temperature for dogs is roughly 101.2 Fahrenheit.[59]
  30. Salish Wool Dog – is now extinct, but once it existed in Washington and British Columbia region and people sheared its long white hair to weave blankets.[60]
  31. Secret of longevity – Some authentic facts about dogs reveal that age of a dog relies on its face. Long face means that dog would have a long life.[61]
  32. Flexibility in a dog’s body is mainly because of the reason that their shoulder blades are not attached to skeleton.[62]
  33. Franklin Roosevelt loved his dog and even paid $15,000 for his Scottie to get picked up from Aleutian Islands.[63]
  34. Heartbeat of a big dog’s resting heart can be from 60 to 100 times a minute, while a small dog’s heartbeat goes from roughly 100 to 140.[64]
  35. Most successful mountain rescue dog was named Barry: a St Bernard who saved 40 lives in circa 1800.[65]
  36. Duke is the name of Cormorant, Minnesota, and he is a dog.[66]
  37. Cost of keeping a pet dog, is roughly $13,500 if the lifespan is closer to an average of 13 years.[67]
  38. Thai Ridgeback is a powerful and resistant herding dog from Asia, with a line of hair grown in opposite direction, along the spine.[68]
  39. Collie dogs are called Collie due the reason that once they protected black sheep.[69]
  40. Rejected puppies – As per some puppy facts, newborn puppies are likely to be rejected by their mothers if the birth was cesarean and puppy was cleaned before being handed over to the mother.[70]
  41. Suicide attacksDog facts show that during WWII, the Russians trained dogs and strapped mines with their bodies for suicide missions.[71]

Dog 2

  1. Dogs and weather – As per some facts about dogs, more than 70% of dog owners have a belief that their pet can tell when the weather can get stormy.[72]
  2. Black tongues – All dogs have pink tongues, but two breeds, Chow Chow and Shar-pei are known for having black tongues.[73]
  3. Dogs and jealousy – As per some dog facts gathered by University of California, dogs may get jealous if their owners show affection for other dogs, things or humans.[74]
  4. Omnivorous – Still wonder how dogs can eat meat as well as fruit? It is because they are omnivorous.[75]
  5. Pachón Navarro is an almost extinct Spanish hunting dog whose nose was so meaningfully identical to a double barreled gun.[76]
  6. Dogs and yawning – have same link as humans and yawning: contagious. If dogs see their owners or other dogs yawn, they are also highly likely to yawn.[77]
  7. Raining Cats and Dogs – originated from a 17th century England flood in which many stray cats and dogs drowned.[78]
  8. Dog’s mouth grip is because of immense pressure that it can put with its jaws; as per some dog facts, the pressure is from 150 to 200 pounds per square inch.[79]
  9. Sound frequency and hearing – Dogs are capable of hearing best at 8,000 Hz as compared to humans who hear at 2,000 Hz.[80]
  10. Poodle haircut originated from a very simple need. It was to improve the dog’s swimming with some hair left to keep the joints warm.[81]
  11. Bloodhounds are notorious for their unmatched skill to trace scents as old as 300 hours.[82]
  12. Ear muscles of the dogs are two times more than human ear muscles.[83]
  13. Tibetan Mastiff, as dog information reveals, is a large and brave herding dog; one big pup was recently sold in China for $1.5 million making him world’s most expensive dog ever sold.[84]
  14. Dandie Dinmont Terrier breed is only breed named after a fictional character from Walter Scott’s novel “Guy Mannering”.[85]
  15. Great Danes are known as warrior dogs who wore armor as well as spiked colors to fight battlers and protect supply caravans.[86]
  16. Maturity in dogs comes roughly after 1st year of birth; at that times they are as physically able as 15 years old human beings.[87]
  17. Using scent to mark territory is a primitive animal instinct and when dogs kick the ground after having a pee, they are actually using their scent glands to mark their territory.[88]
  18. Fastest running dog is Greyhound who even runs at a speed of 45 miles per hour.[89]
  19. Guardian dogs are sometimes trained to a level where they can sense changes in human behavior and bodily gestures. They can even detect diabetes and seizure, and help the patients.[90]
  20. Submissive behavior makes dogs submit to any animal or human who, they think, can rule the pack.[91]
  21. American pet dogs exceed the number of 75 million (as per reliable dog facts), making USA the country with biggest pet population.[92]
  22. Pekingese and Chins were so expensive in medieval era that kings assigned servants for them, presented as gifts to other kings and Chinese people even worshipped them.[93]
  23. Lifespan of city dog is roughly 3 years longer than that of country dog.[94]
  24. Dogs pant to keep themselves calm and cool. They take roughly 300 to 400 breaths while panting.[95]
  25. Miserable puppy – As per puppy facts, a newborn puppy is toothless, blind and deaf.[96]
  26. Spin and sit – When a dog spins itself before it sits anywhere, it is actually making itself at home. This is actually a primitive dog instinct.[97]
  27. Dog petting timeline shows that people started petting dogs roughly 12,000 years ago.[98]
  28. Unselfish animal – As per some recent dog facts, dogs belong to small group of animals who would show kindness to others, without any reward, and act unselfishly.[99]
  29. 5,000 Mastiffs were owned by Kublai Khan and this is the biggest number of dogs ever owned by one person.[100]
  30. American obsession with dogs has crossed any human limits, so much so that roughly 1,000,000 dogs have been mentioned in their owners’ wills as their primary beneficiaries.[101]
  31. Whiskers, as the facts about dogs reveal, are found above the eyes and below the jaws; they are so touch-sensitive that they can sense even minor changes in the flow of air.[102]
  32. Kirch is a service dog that got an honorary Masters in Mental Health Counseling, only because of attending all of his owner’s classes.[103]
  33. Puppies and mother – As per the puppy facts, a mother holds her puppies for as much as 60 days before they take birth.[104]
  34. First dog chapel in the human history was established in St. Johnsbury, Vermont in 2001.[105]
  35. Cisky Terrier is one of the rarest breeds left in the world, with only roughly 350 dogs left.[106]
  36. Source of sound – As far as dog facts are concerned, dogs can locate a sound’s source within roughly 6/100ths of a second, because of their radar like ears.[107]
  37. Dog vocabulary – Dogs can identify roughly 150 plus human words.[108]
  38. Number 1 health problem of dogs, is obesity.[109]
  39. No petting in Iran – No one can keep a dog as a pet in Iran, unless they first prove that the dog is required as a hunting or guardian dog.[110]
  40. Time is something that does no exists in dog world; they do not have any sense of it.[111]
  41. Ewoks from Star Wars was modeled after George Lukas family dog.[112]
  42. Sign of dog – Chinese considered those loyal who born under the sign of dog, while Mayan and Aztecs believed those outstanding leaders who were born under the sign of dog.[113]
  43. Irish Wolfhound is the largest breed of dogs.[114]
  44. French Poodle’s origin is actually not French, but German. In German language pudel means “splashing dog”.[115]
  45. Chihuahua is the world’s smallest dog which is roughly 6 inches long.[116]
  46. Tamed dogs can be traced back to 12000 years ago; they were actually wolves who developed affection with human dwellings and slowly turned into pets.[117]
  47. Prostate is something only found in two species: humans and dogs.[118]
  48. Dogs in space – As per dog facts, in 1957 Russian female dog Laika became the first alive mammal to be sent to the space. She died in space, but her daughter Pushnika mated with President Kennedy’s terrier Charlie and had four pups.[119]
  49. Oldest dog breed, as per some dog facts, is Saluki which was tamed by Egyptions.[120]
  50. Alexander the Great was one of the most famous rulers who loved their dogs too much. He named a city Peritas after his deceased dog.[121]
  51. Pure breeds of dogs are more or less 703.[122]
  52. Ancient Greece and Dogs – In Ancient Greece dogs were bred and their kennels were produced to fulfill the food-related needs. They were inexpensive and simply abundant.[123]
  53. Dogs and brain – As per some dog facts for kids, Border Collie is considered world’s smartest dog breed, followed by Poodle and Golden Retriever. And Afghan Hound is considered one of the dumbest breeds.[124]

Dog 3

  1. China has been the country where a lot of dog domestication took place especially the dog dwarfing and miniaturization.[125]
  2. How dogs look at things? Well, they first judge something based on movement, then they pay attention to brightness and lastly, they judge something by its shape.[126]
  3. Zoroastrianism focused on care and love for dogs. As a matter of fact, its sacred book Zend Avesta’s one whole section is about how to take care of and breed dogs.[127]
  4. George Washington, President of USA owned total 36 dogs. All of them were Foxhounds and one of them was named Sweetlips.[128]
  5. Earliest paintings of dogs are the cave paintings which were found in Spanish caves and which were roughly 12,000 years old.[129]
  6. Anatomy – As per some facts about dogs, all dogs have the same number of bones in their bodies: 321.[130]
  7. Rock Star Ozzy Osborne fought with a wild coyote to save the life of his wife’s Pomeranian.[131]
  8. Smaller dogs mature faster than the breeds of big dogs.[132]
  9. Smile can be an act of aggression – Some funny dog facts for kids suggest that when humans smile, dogs take them as showing their teeth, which they consider an act of aggression.[133]
  10. Female dogs don’t like to mate, but only twice a year and they do this only when they are in “heat”.[134]
  11. Amputation of dog tails go back to the times of Roman writer Lucius Columella’s notion that amputation of the dog’s tail was the perfect solution against rabies.[135]
  12. New born puppies, as per puppy facts, while they are only few weeks old, spend 90% of their day sleeping.[136]
  13. Dogs in art – Art facts about dog show that during the period of renaissance in Europe, dogs were depicted in religious as well as allegorical art, as symbols of fidelity and loyalty.[137]
  14. Collies were for a long time known as Scottish Sheepdogs until the late 1800s when they were finally acknowledged as Collies.[138]
  15. Shakespeare and Dogs – One of the most evil characters of Shakespeare’s fiction was a dog named as Crab. His owner was Launce and he was mentioned in Two Gentlemen of Verona.[139]
  16. Long nose in dogs shows a more effective cooling system. Dogs with longer nose have much better cooling systems as compared to those who have short nose.[140]
  17. Dogs at Point Zero – As per dog facts within only an hour of the September 11, 2001 attacks, especially trained dogs arrived at the crime scene and they included Labs and German Shepherds.[141]
  18. Rocky and Barco were two U.S. custom dogs who were so good at patrolling the U.S. – Mexico border, that Mexican drug lords had to announce a bounty of $300,000 on their heads.[142]
  19. Federally Certified Search and Rescue dogs cost roughly $10,000 before they are properly trained.[143]
  20. Dogs and wolves have been known to mate and reproduce.[144]
  21. World’s smallest dog, as far as record is concerned, was a Yorkshire terrier with a matchbox size. It was 2.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide with only 4 ounces weight.[145]
  22. Greek Mythology makes mention of Cerberus who was a three-headed guardian dog and guarded the Greek underworld.[146]
  23. Racism in dogs – As per some facts about dogs, in the medieval era peasant dogs had to wear blocks so as to avoid breeding with noble and purebred dogs. Latter were very expensive and kept as pets.[147]
  24. Oldest dog fossil goes back to approximately 10,000 B.C.[148]
  25. WWI – After the end of the First World War the German Government tamed the first batch of guide dogs to serve the soldiers who lost their eyesight in the war.[149]
  26. Boxer is a dog breed that got its name because of the way they play with their frontal paws.[150]
  27. Egyptians again – Some interesting facts about dogs reveal that ancient Egyptians named their dogs either after colors such as Black or Ebony, or after personality traits, such as Reliable or Brave.[151]