Dog Collars: Everything You Should Know Before Buying

People who love dogs, also love collars, leashes and dog tags. If you ask any dog lover, they would tell you that collars and leashes are part and parcel of having dogs. When it comes to innovation and imagination, no one can beat dog people. Look at what they have achieved from one animal. A dog is adored as a kid, people leave million dollar business and property empires after their dogs, dogs are held in arms and they are also employed in police. This innovation and creativity demands the same people to décor their favorite pets with leather dog collars or trendy dog accessories.

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Apart from decoration, dog collars save strangers and other people in the park from your dog’s bites. You might want to read our blog-post Dog Bites: How to Avoid a Dog Bite & Infections to know more about it. Also, if you really want to give your dog the best dog training, you need dog muzzles and collars a lot. Read our blog-post How to Train a Dog: Basic Dog Training to see how to do it.

We know that the readers of Virtuous Dogs always expect us to talk about their favorite dog questions and topics. Dog collars is definitely one of the most important topics, since dog lovers do not compromise over the looks and appearance of their beloved pets. It is worthy to remember, that dog is no doubt one of the most expensive pets in human history. Lest we forget, a Chinese millionaire bought a purebred Tibetan Mastiff for roughly 1.5 million dollars. Let’s see in this post how you can décor your dog with most fashionable dog accessories and collars.

How much is the cost of personalized dog collars?

There is no fix price and price varies as per the quality of personalization. However, at online shops a personalized dog collar’s price can be from $20 to as much as $70 depending on the quality of material and extent of personalization.

If you really want to buy some really awesome dog collars, you should keep in mind certain factors. There are certain traders online or with their physical stores who sell cheap quality products that apparently look like leather dog collars, but actually made of cheap material. They fool around people who go for fancy colors, personalization and chrome finish.

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If you are looking for a quality product, you should know that you would have to pay a good price for it. You get what you pay for.

When it comes to the type of personalization on dog collars, there is no limit to it. People would love to have their name on their dog’s collar, or the dog’s name. Some people even like to brag about details like breed and coating etc. However, most of the people would like to have their dog’s name in a fancy font.

If you ask us for ideas, we would recommend the basic things. Make sure that your dog collar bears your dog’s name, your name and your phone number and/or address. Why? Because in the event of you losing your dog, someone would read these details and call you or drop your dog at your home.

When it comes to personalization, people also have their own choices in terms of the dog collar buckles. While most of the people love those old-fashioned buckle with a pin and chrome finish, now there are a lot of people who tend to love snap-fit buckles and leather slide dog collars.

Are leather dog collars and leashes good?

Leather is a breathable material. It is also natural, safe and organic. Dog’s sweat helps the leather collar soften up and adjust as per the dog’s neck. As compared to dog collars made of other materials, leather dog collars are not only safe, but highly recommended.

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However, this answer again leads us to the same concern: are all leather dog collars actually made of leather? Answer is disappointing. Leather, as good as it is, is an expensive material. Most of the time when you buy a so-called leather jacket or bag, it is actually made of industrial material that looks and feels (sort of) like leather, but is not actually leather. Same goes with dog collars. Unlike human beings, dogs cannot even protest against fake and harmful collars which only appear like leather collars.

So, what to do? We recommend buying leather dog collars from reputable physical or online stores only. A good thing about online stores is the review system. You can go to any Amazon or Etsy shop for dog collars and have a look at the reviews. If you see that more than 90% ratings are full five star and the reviews do not seem to be fake or generic, buy from that outfit. It is always good to contact the buy before purchase and ask him to confirm if the dog collars at display are made of real leather or industrial material.

What kind of dog leash is best?

Just like dog collars, dog leashes also come in different materials. However, a leather-made leash is good for the same reason we recommend a leather-made dog collar. It is breathable, organic and natural.

Lest we forget, the other end of a dog’s leash is always in its owner’s hand. We humans feel better with a leather leash in our hands, as compared to nylon or worse: steel-made chain leash. The reason is the same as mentioned above. Our hands get sweaty and this makes leather open up its pores for us and adjust to our grip and our skin. Plus, leather is a natural and organic material so there is no harm. You would always see people with steel-chain leashes or nylon leashes with bruises and marks on their hands.

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A good leash will stop your dog from going mad and attacking people. In our blog-post Dog Attack: Everything you need to know you can find a lot of useful information.

Not only dog collars, but dog leashes are also customized and people love to have their pet’s name, their name and address or phone number on them.  Our advice for you is to buy with due care and from a trusted online shop. One of the most read blog-posts on our blog Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails: Scientific Research shows that every action of your lovely canine is because of a reason. There is a reason why dogs get violent, stressed or angry and to tackle them in such a situation, you need such collars and accessories.