Dog Beds: Everything You Need to Know before Buying

We know this as a matter of fact that most of the Americans take pride in saying that our dogs are a part of our family: the big, American family. And we also know this because of personal observations and practices that most of the American households mean it; they treat their dogs as the members of their families and perhaps sometimes dogs enjoy a status better than the human members. However, be honest and tell as to how many of you actually have dog beds in your homes?

No, please do not deny this question. You should neither be in the denial mode and nor you should be apologetic, but all you need to do is think about it. Grandmas and Grandpas have their own bedrooms, kids have their own beds somewhere in attic if they are not lucky enough to have their own rooms, but where is the dog room or dog bed in our homes? We know that majority of the American homes with dogs do not have dogs’ separate place to sleep.

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And this makes the difference. A dog needs its own personal space; read our recently published post about dog houses and perhaps you will learn as to why dogs need some personal space. Respect their right to a personal space and perhaps you will be able to curb their aggressive behavior and dog attacks. Well, here are answers to a few very frequently asked questions about dog beds.

What is a dog beds?

A dog bed is the bed allocate for the use of a domestic dog. This bed can be of any shape, size and material, but mostly dog beds are a particular type of mattress made out of foam or similar materials used in making mattress for humans.

When we use the word “dog beds” it does not necessarily means a very expensive Casper dog bed or similar foam mattresses, but it can be made of anything that can keep a dog warm, cozy and comfortable. For example you may consider the materials like polyester, wool, foam, wood pulp and likes. Basically, more or less, you just need a warm and comfortable personal space for your dog.

Why should I get a dog bed?

A dog bed is not something without which one cannot keep a dog in their home, but definitely a dog owner likes to make their dog feel comfortable and warm. This is why a dog bed is considered necessary.

If you remember reading our blog post about dog bites, we mentioned in that post the reasons of why dogs attack people and how to stop them. Most important of those reasons are frustration, irritation, anger, getting sneaked up on them, surprise visits and violation of their privacy. See! Dogs are not humans, but they think a lot like us. They need their own personal and private space. Give it to them. Get your dog a good dog bed and see how his behavior changes super-fast.

Here are some benefits of getting Casper dog beds or Chewy dog beds for your dog.

  • Cushion – Instead of hard and harsh surface, your dog enjoys a comfy and warm cushion.
  • Personal space – You dog gets some personal space for him, where no one else can disturb him.
  • Clean living – You enjoy clean living – no dog odor or hair, in case where you provide your dog, his own dog bed.
  • Insulation – When winter comes, animals and humans try to find some warm and cozy place. A very well stuffed and insulated dog bed will keep your dog warm and cozy.

dog bedsShould I get a waterproof dog bed?

Waterproof dog beds are made for many purposes. They are suitable for dogs who love water sports and they are good for not allowing water or any other liquids to enter the layers of the mattress. This means that in winter your dog will not have to sleep on a wet bed.

Whether you should get a waterproof dog bed or not is a matter of personal choice. Since the material of a waterproof bed is expensive, these beds are also expensive as compared to others. Also, waterproof dog beds demand extra care. You have to clean the water or otherwise there will be no purpose of having a waterproof dog bed because your dog will eventually end up sitting and sleeping on a wet mattress. A positive point of such dog beds is a clean and clear dog house with zero moist.

How to choose a dog bed?

While choosing a dog bed, one must take care of a few considerations. First of all the size of dog must be considered and secondly the quality of materials and ease of cleaning should be considered.

If you ask for our honest advice, we will tell you that choosing dog beds need more care, consideration and research. When we choose our beds, we do this after good enough market research; we think of the quality, price, durability, material and physical benefits. A dog cannot complain while we can cry out loud for that matter. So, choosing a dog bed needs more care, research and fatigue. Choose a bed based on following factors:

  • Size – length and width
  • Ease of cleaning – e.g. waterproof bed
  • Location – do not choose a bed which is good for indoors while you dog loves outdoors
  • Quality – warm, comfortable, easy to clean and durable are the words which go for quality

This is it, we bet that if you read this article carefully, you will be able to choose a good dog bed for your canine. Remember, dogs need our love and attention, and there cannot be a way better than choosing one of the best dog beds available in the market. Your dog will love you more than ever.

Another piece of advice is to not fall for big brands. They do have good quality dog beds, but it does not mean that small, family owned businesses do not make high quality dog beds. You should only take some pain and find some small business making big and better dog beds. Good luck with that!

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