Coconut Oil for Dogs: Everything You Should Know

Coconut oil has been proved to be an amazing cure for a lot of things. Not only the coconut oil is used as a proven remedy for weak and double-edged hair as well as dandruff, but it is also used one of the best natural skin moisturizers. However, not many people know that coconut oil is also used for dogs.

Coconut Oil for Dogs

Pet parents who love their pets just as much as their real kids, leave no stone unturned when it comes to taking care of their dogs’ health and overall looks. Coconut oil for dogs is not more a question or theory, people apply it and they report really good benefits. This post aims at answering all of your questions about coconut oil for dogs and its benefits. Let us have a look at those questions.

Can dogs eat coconut?

Dogs can eat coconut but only when it is given in small pieces and without outer shell or coconut hair. Coconut’s outer shell or hair may cause choking and they can also block the intestine and then lead to very serious medical conditions.

Well, coconut is a fruit. And when it comes to dogs eating coconut, you have to remember a simple rule that goes for all fruits that you might want to feed to your canine. Seeds, core of fruits like apple and outer shell like that of watermelon, banana or coconut etc. can always lead to chocking as well as intestinal blockage. Dog’s stomach is not made to digest such things and eventually a dog ends up with choking or intestinal leakage; both of these situations may further lead to death.

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Death is the last thing that you want to happen to your beloved pet. For further information and to know as to which other fruits you may feed to your dog, you should read our blog-posts e.g. Can dogs eat apples?, Can dogs eat watermelon?  and Can dogs eat bananas?.

There are, however, many good reasons why you should feed coconut chunks without outer shell or hair, to your dog. For example, if you remember reading our post Why do dogs eat grass?, you would be able to recall that sometimes dogs eat grass only to get rid of nauseated feeling or to fulfill the lack of natural fiber or other nutrients. Well, coconut is rich in fiber and if you feed coconut to your dog, it will provide him a lot of nutrients including natural fiber. As a result, your dog will stay healthy and far from eating grass.

Can dogs have coconut?

Dogs should not have unobserved access to coconuts. While coconuts are full of energy and dog owners should feed coconuts to their dogs, coconut’s outer shell and coconut hair can cause choking or intestinal blockage, which may further lead to the death of dog.

Having said this, you can still apply due care and feed only the energy-rich and totally harmless part of coconut to your dog. This will definitely give him an energy boost, and who does not like to see their dog happy, healthy and active?

Can dogs drink coconut water?

Dogs can definitely drink coconut water. It is totally safe for dogs and its minerals, vitamins and electrolytes are amazingly good for a dog’s health. Plus it provides a perfect antidote for dehydration.

If you see that your dog suffers through dehydration a lot and you want to feed him some liquid which is not only hydration-rich but packed and loaded with vitamins and nutrients that lead to a healthy and active life, you would certainly go for coconut water. It is a known remedy for heat and dehydration. Humans love consuming coconut water in sizzling afternoons, why not dogs? Dogs are known to drink water or any similar liquid, only when they feel thirsty. They do not drink for the taste of water. In this case, they are not like us.

Dogs Coconut Oil

So, if your dog is looking for some hydration, chances are that he is already dehydrated and now you should give him something which will not only quench his thirst, but also give him a much needed energy boost. The nutrients and vitamins in coconut water can absolutely be good in this case.

Can dogs have coconut oil?

Coconut oil for dogs is a good idea. Dogs can drink coconut oil and enjoy the energy-rich benefits of it, or their owners can apply coconut oil to dog’s coat, because it is one of the best natural moisturizers.

Coconut oil is a known energy booster. It is extracted from mature coconut and it is perfectly edible. This is why people use it to cook their food as well. While it serves the purpose of a cooking oil, its nutrients and vitamins lead to an overall boost in health and energy.

Dogs can have coconut oil in two ways. Either their owners can feed coconut oil to their dogs or they can apply it to their coat, hands or feet. Let us first talk about the edible coconut oil for dogs. Vets believe that one should only start with a moderate amount of coconut oil. This means that you should perhaps start with from half to full teaspoon (as per the size of your canine).

As far as the benefits of feeding coconut oil to dogs are concerned, it improves the digestive system, boost the immune system, reduces the bad breath, kills the parasites, balances insulin level, reduces weight, increases the overall nervous and brain system and improves the bone strength. Benefits of feeding coconut oil to dogs are simply beyond a layman’s understanding.

Coconut oil for feet or skin is another aspect. If you see that your dog’s skin is getting rough, or there are cuts and burns on its feet or you just want to increase the softness of its coat, you should apply the coconut oil. It cleanses the skin, defeats the bacteria buildup around any wound, cuts and burns etc., makes the dog’s coat silky smooth, defeats the allergy and yeast and heals the cracked and dried pads. In short, if you love your dog, coconut oil for dogs is a must thing for you to do.