Can Dogs Eat Apples? Everything You Need to Know

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Can dogs eat apples? is just like asking Can dogs eat bananas? Why not? If they afford buying apples, they may eat them! Well, that was just a joke, and probably a lame one. However, this question is very legit: can dogs eat apples? If you remember reading our post Can dogs eat watermelon? you may remember that we reached the verdict that watermelon is only a very healthy and full of nutrition diet, and dogs can eat watermelons after their owners take some precautionary measures! Well, same is the case with apples, dogs may eat them with some caution and care.

In our future posts we will also cover important questions such as “Why do dogs eat grass? Let’s have a look at all the questions that come to people’s mind when they think about feeding apple to their fluffy friends.

Can dogs eat apples?

Dog owners can treat their dogs with apples. Apples are very healthy diet and dogs can enjoy the benefits of a lot of vitamins and nutrients found in apples. However, they must apply due diligence and do not feed seeds and stem to dogs.

Let’s have a look at the good side of feeding apples to dogs. Apple is an always and easily accessible fruit, it is rich in taste and dogs surprisingly love it when they are fed apples. However, the best thing about apples is the nutrition confined in them. Apple is known to be one of the best diet for good health; lest we forget the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

Are apples good for dogs?

Apples are definitely good for apple if fed with due care. They are rich with vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, fiber, calcium and fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6. Plus a dog fed on apples would always have a fresh breath.

All these nutrients and vitamins are known for ensuring good health and functionality. Not only they increase the life expectancy of humans and dogs, but they also provide them with optimum capacity to fight diseases and increase the functionality of immune system. The kinds of nutrients that are found in apple, are hard to find to together in any other fruit.

What really makes apple a stunning mix of energy for dogs (as well as humans) is the great mixture of high fiber, low protein and antioxidant elements. For example, suppose that you have been feeding your dog on protein for too long, because after all it is a canine and a canine loves and needs protein rich meet, but now the vet asks you to limit the meat and shift to low-protein diet, what else you can do, but ask can dogs eat apples. Why? Because if not meat, then there are only a few other food options left to ensure the energy without consumption of too much protein.

A fatty dog can shift from protein to apple, lose the unnecessary fats and still remain healthy, energetic and active all day long. So if you see someone wonder and asking “Are apples good for dogs?” tell them that they are not only good but very much needed.


Can dogs eat apple seeds?

Dogs should not be fed apple seeds, because apple seeds contain cyanide which is a very toxic substance. The seeds can always block your dog’s intestine and cause leakage of highly poisonous intestinal juices, which may lead to death.

Again, referring you to our very famous post Can dogs eat watermelon?, we warn you the risks associated with feeding the seeds of any fruit to your lovely pet. Seeds is the no go area in a fruit, when it comes to feeding the fruit to dogs or other canines. They can also cause gastrointestinal problems. So unless you have no mercy for dogs for adoption that you have, feeding seeds is not a good idea.

Can dogs eat apples skin?

As compared to apple seeds, the skin or peel does not harm a dog. However, it is not much rich with nutrients and it can sometime cause nausea or stomach-related problems to dogs.

While there is no evidence available on the internet that proves that apple skin includes choking hazards, on base of personal experience with dogs and kids, we can safely suggest you not to feed apple peel to your dog because it can cause choking.

Can dogs eat apples cores?

Just like seeds, apple cores are also not good for dogs. They come with seeds and hard part of the apple and thus they always bring choking hazard as well as risk to intestinal blockage.

As we have mentioned before, seeds are not good friends of dogs. While the main risk involved in feeding apple core is the choking, the seeds contained by it, can also lead to intestinal blockage and then death of your beloved furry friend. Choking can also lead to the same end. So, hell no! No seeds, no apples cores.

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What is the best way to feed apple to your dog?

The best way to feed apple to a dog is making small slices of the apple (preferably without skin) making sure that those slices do not include apple core or apple seeds at all. You can also use apple recipes and cook a treat for your dog.

Dogs, as you might find it totally amazing, love apple made dishes. For example Dog Apple Pretzels are something that most of the dogs love to eat. Another experiment could be apple pie; it includes no risks and humans love them; your dog might also love it since dog is the closest friend of human beings.

What are the side effects of feeding apples to dogs?

Apple includes some side effects for dogs. Its seeds have cyanide which can be pretty dangerous. Apart from this, apple is a sugar rich delight and if one feeds too much apple slices to their dog, the dog might end up with border-line obesity or diabetes.

Considering the abovementioned risks involved in feeding apple to your dog, we must recommend that you give a balanced diet of apple to your dog. Make sure that your dog’s diet includes meet and a mix of other nutrient fruits too. So next time when you think Why do dogs wag their tails? you should consider that perhaps they ask for treats like apples. A good mix of all types of food is what you should aim for, if you want to see your canine friend healthy and happy.