Boo The Dog: The World’s Cutest Dog

They say that diversity is the spirit of the world we live in. Diversity is what we see everywhere we find any beauty. Same goes for dogs. While there are people who are infatuated with big and ferocious dogs such as Pitbull, Rottweiler, Labrador Retrievers or the most fanaticized ever dog: the great Tibetan Mastiff, there are those too who love small, cute and cuddly dogs. One such small and adorable dog earned quite a fame over the internet and became a sensation among the dog-lovers. We’re talking about Boo the dog.

Boo The Dog: The World's Cutest Dog

Yes, the cute, little Pomeranian dog owned by a Facebook employee who set an entire Facebook page after him. If you also dream about having a cute, little dog tail wagging while looking like a puppy, you might love to read this blog post.

You can visit and like the Facebook page to catch up with all the news and updates concerning Boo the dog. We have been receiving a lot of requests from fans to write about Boo the dog and here is one exclusive blog-post to cover all aspects and questions that may come to your mind.

What is the breed of Boo the dog?

Boo the dog is a Pomeranian. Pomeranians have three different types: fox face, teddy bear and baby doll. Boo the dog is teddy bear Pomeranian with eyes closer to nose and chubby cheeks like a teddy bear: hence all the cuteness.

The Pomeranian dogs are definitely loved throughout the world for their cute little face and cuddly hair. However, what actually makes them adorable is their small height and the positioning of eyes. Since the eyes of Pomeranian dogs, especially the Teddy Bear Pomeranian dogs, are positioned so close to the nose, they have this cute and round facial appearance.

The World's Cutest Dog

Pomeranian breed is from the Pomerania region in Germany and Poland. This dog is known as the toy dog because of its small size and cute little face. This dog is said to have from the Spitz breed dogs. With a life span of 12 to 16 years, Boo the dog breed can be one of the best pet breeds for those who want a cute and cuddly dog for a reasonable time period. Due to its toy-ish repute and cute, little face, this dog is also known as Pompom, Pom and Tumbleweed. Also, since they descend from Spitz, they are also called Dwarf-Spitz.

How old is Boo the dog?

As per the official Facebook page for Boo the dog, he was born on 16th of March, 2006. So the age of this cute internet sensation is 11 years. And the birth star of Boo the Dog is Pisces.

While we do not know whether the star traits apply to dogs or not, but judging that they are the closest friends of human beings, we may speculate and think that dogs also possess the traits associated with different starts. So it is safe to say, and there is evidence to support this notion, that Boo the dog and all other Pisces dogs are selfless dogs, willing to help the animals and humans around them. Empathy and emotionality are the very salient traits of Pisces and as per the track record of Boo the dog, he is the spitting image of what Pisces personifies.


Is Boo dog for sale? What’s the price?

Boo the dog is not for sale and most likely his owner will never sell this dog, because the dog has become a celebrity and has got millions of followers too.

Boo the dog has become an internet sensation and he has got a very successful book, another one is expected, there are over 17 million Facebook fans who adore him and he has got his own Facebook stickers. All these signs show that his owner must be a very proud owner and will rather die than sell the dog.

The owner of this dog is a Facebook employee; rest assured, she earns more than she can earn by selling her rock star pup. Boo images show that he is most of the times clad in fancy dog costumes, playing with his toys and his best friend Buddy, who is his elder brother as well.


Who is Boo the dog owner?

The owner of Boo the dog, remained anonymous for some period and used the pseudonym J.H. Lee until finally her identity was revealed. She is working in Facebook’s finance department and her name is Irene Ahn. Before started working at Facebook, she also worked at reputable I.T. companies such as PayPal and Yahoo.

There are a lot of stories about the owner and the way she created an amazing fan-following for her dog. People say that the way she always remained behind the scene, used a pseudonym for too long, never tried to take credit for the success of Boo the dog and how she refused to talk to media, becomes the reason for a lot of questions. People also wonder whether or not Boo the dog could be such a big media sensation and followed by 17 million plus people, if his owner were not an official of social media giant Facebook.

Why Boo the dog has a short haircut?

Boo the dog’s fur was knotted and his hair are not let loose like his elder brother and best friend Buddy’s hair. This is why he looks more like a cute teddy bear.

People who own cute dogs, always like to go beyond their limits to décor their dogs. If you are also the kind of person for whom natural cuteness is not enough, have a look at our blog-post about Dog collars and accessories to see how you can décor your small cutie.


Is the Boo the dog a good dog?

Boo the dog has a cute face with white and golden fur. Apart from his cuteness, he is also good in terms of sociability and helping others. Since his 5th birthday, this dog has been raising funds for charitable purposes.

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