Top 25 Best Puppy Food Brands Of All Time

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With the passage of time it is now only us human beings who have evolved and entered the era of civilization, but with us, we have also brought our pets. So, if we love to eat fast food and the uncooked and unhygienic cave food is something that we have left far behind, so have done our pets. They also eat industrialized food and their stomachs also refuse to digest anything which is not tasty or suitable to them.

In such a situation one always finds themselves wondering as to which puppy food is the best dog food for puppies. Well, this confusion is 100% justified. There are a lot of dog food brands and choosing best puppy food brand is not very easy. If it were only to choose between the brands that tasted well, dog and pup owners could easily do this.

But do you know where it gets really tricky? Where you get into the debate of “grain-free” or “grain-based” diet, or much worse, “processed” or “organic” dog and puppy diet. There are a lot of brands and all of them have their own unique qualities which make it very difficult to decide as to which one to choose.

We have covered a lot of posts on dog or pup food items and the main purpose was to help you learn as to which type of natural and unprocessed food is best, or not best, for your pups and dogs.

If you remember our posts Can dogs eat apples?, Can dogs eat bananas?, Can dogs eat watermelon? or Coconut oil for dogs, you might be able to recall that we clearly mentioned that fruits can only be fed to dogs if they are fed with due diligence.

In another post Why do dogs eat grasswe covered as to why dogs go for eating something which carnivores like them are not supposed to eat. It was basically for fiber.

Why this post? Because we want to let you know that you can always feed the protein and nutrition rich diet to your dogs, that too processed and packed in bags (not like fruits or grass), without risking choking, intestinal blockage, stomach-related problems and even death of your beloved pet.

This post aims at helping you figure out the top 25 best puppy food brands. After reading the post, you can pick any of these 25 brands, or you can follow our verdict and go with the brand that we consider the best. So, let us have a look at what is the best puppy food?

  1. Wellness Core

Why we think that Wellness Core deserves to be in this list? It is because of the diversity that this brand offers. This is one reputable product line with seven different foods including best dry puppy food. The ratio of dry matter protein in this dog feed, is roughly 38%, fats level is an estimated 13% and approximated carbohydrates are 41%. This stunning energy mix makes it best dog food for puppies.

  1. Orijen

Orijen made it to the top of the list because not only the puppy feed provided by this company is rich in energy and taste, but also because this puppy food has only those ingredients and contents which are biologically appropriate to the puppies and dogs. The protein and other nutrients in this one of the top 10 puppy food brands, makes sure that your pup leads a healthy life.

  1. Earthborn Holistic

Number three on our list is Earthborn Holistic. As the name suggests and puppy food reviews show, this brand’s approach towards puppy food is holistic. We chose this not only because of the quality of puppy diet that they offer, but also because this is a family-owned business. It is being produced by the fourth generation of the family which started it and this makes it special.

  1. Merrick Grain Free

What is the best dog food for puppies? Well, people have their own schools of thought on this. While some people would go for a grain-based puppy feed, Merrick makes it to the top ten because it is a grain-free puppy food with some very high quality ingredients and zero controversial or injurious to health items. The real protein sources such as chicken, duck, buffalo and lamb etc. make it a very potent mix of omega-3 proteins and omega-6 proteins.


Virtuous Dogs - Top 10 Puppy Food Brands Infographic

You might think that we just ruined the fun and told you about the top 10 puppy food as well as our verdict, but believe us that this blog-post holds for you much more than this. We have yet to talk about many amazing puppy foods including the one that we consider best for our own good reasons. So let’s continue again.

Spoiler alert: There is nothing to spoil anymore, but a lot to learn! J

  1. Natural Balance

Natural Balance is just another good dog food mentioned in many puppy food reviews. Why this puppy and dog food made it to our list? Because it is not only about good taste or high quality nutrients, but also about the type of food. Dogs, just like humans, have left far behind their primitive past and they do not hunt deer anymore. This best dry puppy food brings the venison delight to puppies and dogs. Another good feature, is the careful selection of proteins and carbohydrates which are proportionate to the sensitive stomachs of puppies.

  1. FROMM

FROMM has its own specialty. This is one of those puppy food brands that offer a good and energy-rich mix of duck and chicken meat. Chicken meal in FROMM has 300% more protein as compared to fresh chicken. But chicken and duck meat is not all to it. FROMM is also packed and loaded with barley, oatmeal, brown rice and optimum amount of Omega-3 and other proteins. It is especially recommended for dogs and pups who can use some fats or who have recently been sick and need to recover as soon as possible.

  1. Taste of the Wild

So if venison was not enough for your pup and you want to see your dog or pup have the old spirit of high fields where they used to go for hunting deer or bison, Taste of the Wild is what you need. There are different approaches to best puppy food; while some people like to feed their pups a mix of everything, there are others who love to see their pups have a link with their wild past and they go for puppy food brands with natural extracts from deer, fish, chicken or other types of meat. Taste of Wild, is no doubt, one of the best protein booster puppy food brands.

  1. ACANA

Talking of organic extracts and protein-rich formula, one cannot help but mention ACANA for puppies. This organic puppy food brand boosts the puppies’ and dogs’ energy with its amazing mix of proteins and other nutrients. The source of omega-3 and other proteins in this top 10 puppy food, is free-run chicken, organic eggs whole nest-laid eggs and wild-caught flounder fish from the Island of North Vancouver.


  1. Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo is just another name among those puppy food brands who prefer organic to inorganic or industrially processed food. Their pack for puppies and dogs contains “cold farmed” extracts of food. It is the food taken with care to its nutritional value, hence there is no damage to the nutrition and energy packed and loaded in this blue pack.

  1. Instinct

“Instinct”! If this is the keyword that you have in your mind when it comes to how you would like to see your pup grow into a healthy and active dog, then you should go for this puppy food. It offers a grain free formula which brings optimum amount of omega-3 and omega-6 proteins to your pup.

  1. Evangers

Evangers is less focused on making your pup a protein-boosted beast and more focused on a good balance between meat and non-meat food extracts. Its blue pack contains fresh chicken and rice, with zero wheat, corn or soy fillers. The Whole Dog Journal just recently declared it one best puppy food brand.

  1. Holistic Select

Another puppy food with holistic approach towards health and nutrition! Holistic Select shows commitment to highest standard and its strictest quality assurance standards make sure that your pup gets only the best food. Their ingredients are many, but mainly chicken, rice, oatmeal, pork, fish and many other natural food extracts.

  1. Solid Gold Barking at the Moon

Strange name, isn’t it? Well, the name might be strange, but this dog food is especially for performance dogs. If you want to see your pup grow into a dog as athletic and active as a performance dog, then you must go for it. Its contents are diverse, but mainly include ocean fish which offers 300% more protein than fresh fish.

  1. Eagle Pack

Eagle Pack does not only specialize in puppy food, but cat food as well. However, they are nonetheless a good puppy food because of the balanced diet in their packs. They claim to have packed and served many pups till date, with fats, proteins, carbohydrates, antioxidants and especially omega-3 proteins.

  1. Canidae

Canidae is one of the best American-made puppy food brands. They have been serving the dog and pup owners for many years now and although critics believe that it is not very commendable because of less proteins and more carbs in it, dog owners simply love it.

  1. Organix

It is one well-reputed and best dry puppy food brand. The quality that this bran has earned is basically due to organic food that they use. While their pack is loaded with many organic ingredients, the main ingredients are still real chicken, brown rice and easy to digest, energy rich minerals.

  1. Nutrisca

If you are looking forward to some good puppy food brand with natural extracts and organic sources of protein, then Nutrisca can be your choice. It is a grain-free diet with little to no carbs and good amount of protein that your little pup can use. Their ingredients include carrots, berries and apricots etc.

4 dogs with their food

  1. Canine Health

One of the fiver star puppy food brands is Canine Health. It’s a new but fast growing brand. They offer freeze dried beef and with that there are whole nest-laid eggs, chicken, carrots and potatoes etc. The flaxseed meal offers the optimum amount of omega-3 to your dog and this is definitely one good energy booster pack.

  1. Honest Kitchen Embark

So we have covered fresh chicken, deer, fish, pork, eggs and whatnot. This puppy food brand brings to your lovely pup the taste and energy of cage-free turkey as well as spinach, celery and apples etc. Needless to say it is one hell of an energy rich delight.

  1. Nature’s Logic

As the name suggests, this delight is based on natural and organic food extracts. Instead of offering “mix bag of everything, they offer different packs for different energy needs. For your dog or pup, they offer, beef, chicken, duck & salmon, lamb, rabbit, sardine, turkey and venison etc.


This company is offering good quality puppy food and dog food for over 14 years. Their recipe is based on certified organic extracts. It is needless to say that this kind of puppy food e.g. organix, can definitely amount to a huge boost in your pup’s health, happiness and active outdoor life.

  1. IAMS

IAMS is offering dry dog food and although the company is not as old or big as others mentioned in this post, this company is still doing very good business. Apart from using Probiotics for dogs you can also use their grain-free formula to provide a perfect nutrition package to your pup or dog.

  1. NUTRO

What’s good about NUTRO? It is a US-based company using farm-raised organic chicken to provide the dogs and pups nationwide, with the best amino acids, proteins and nutrients. Their whole oatmeal and vitamin E based solution ensures a rapid boost in health and agility of your pup.

  1. Primal Pet Foods

One of the best puppy food brands making it to the limelight, is the Primal Pet Foods. They are in this business since 2001 and their energy pack full of beef, chicken, lamb, pheasant, rabbit, turkey, sardine and venison etc. ensures a protein blast for your dog and pup.

  1. EVO

EVO is last on our list, but it is definitely not the least. For example, out of their many puppy food packs, take turkey and chicken mix formula. With farm-raised chicken and turkey, this pack offers an energy booster. Another good thing is that it is low in carbs and high in protein and other nutrients.

So, you can go with any of these top 25 best puppy food brands and see how your pup turns into a dog-zilla. Give us your feedback, because it keeps us thinking, searching and writing for you.